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Thomas Müller is a dedicated professional, having worked in the kitchen and in the related Food & Beverage industry for almost 20 years. He is driven by quality, perfection and results. His "no-nonsense" approach to the culinary arts has brought him rewards and awards
( Michelin Stars and Golden Medal of French Gastronomie) . He has served on the committee and as Vice President of the Swiss Chef's Association for a number of years, and has organized many charity events - most notably the Dinner after Sir Georg Solti Concert and which has raised thousands of dollars.

Just have a look through Thomas impressive
CV , and you'll see why he is a most sought-after consultant in the fields of menu creation, kitchen design and F&B matters.

Chef Anton Mosimann London

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JSet Marrakech Ice Bar  Ginza Group Russia    Astana   Astana 1
          Journal du Patissier     

TBILISI 2010-2011
  HIT Certificat   TBILISI 1a   TBILISI      TBILISI 1      TBILISI 2   TBILISI 3 



Cheval Blanc         Concord - Catering   Concord - Catering1   Concord - Catering2   Concord - Catering  Concord - Catering4   

New Cafe     Culina-russia       Torg.spb     TBK       MIR2007

Cafe-future           Katsumi&Me      Katsumi&Me1    Salon Gastronomie de Moscow 2007  

Salon Gastronomie de Moscow 2007Final BBQ Russia  Cesar Ritz 1992    Cesar Ritz 1993

L'ouverture de MAG ,Académie International de la Gastronomie    Ice Carving   Montreux Palace

L'ouverture de MAG ,Académie International de la Gastronomie1     sibhoreca         Publication       allcafe     Restoranoff

TruFresh             TruFresh1        TruFresh2               Restaurateur Magazin 01.2006         Restaurateur Magazin 04.2006  

Restaurateur Magazin 01.2007

Parliament1 06.2006                       Parliament2 06.2006                      Parliament1 09.2006                    Parliament2 09.2006

Jurry.Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie Moscow1 04.2006                  Jurry.Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie Moscow2 04.2006

Chef Magazin1 02.2006       

Chef Magazin2 02.2006                 Chef Magazin3 02.2006                  Parliament1 03.2006                 Parliament2 03.2006

Chef Magazin2 01.2006                   Chef Magazin1 02.2006                  Parliament1 02.2006                 Parliament2 02.2006

Gallery Tcheboxary                          Novosibirsk 1                                    Novosibirsk 2                             Chef Magazin1 01.2006

Hyatt Jeddah   Hyatt1  Hyatt2   Hyatt3   Interconti Hotel Riyadh   Riyadh1    Riyadh2    Académie Moscow       Expresso

Saudia Arabia Intercontinantal         Penang Penang Hotel Chef               Cesar Ritz                                  EHG

Novosibirsk Cuisine Moléculaire        Creux de Genthod Le Leman       Creux2     Warwick Sivermat             Mosimann

Warwick article de press                   Warwick  Tribune de Genève1           Warwick Gault et Milau              Warwick Gault et Milau2

Warwick  Tribune de Genève            Warwick Tribune de Genève2            Warwick Tribune de Genève       Warwick Gault et Milau3

Warwick Nouvelle                              Warwick Hotel Revue                         Warwick Gault et Milau1



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